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Cheap Tricks For Decorating Your Apartment

Cheap Tricks to Decorate Your Apartment

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t liven up your living space with creative design. One of the limitations of apartment living is that you usually can’t make major cosmetic overhauls even if you have the time, inclination and money to do so. Use these inexpensive tips to express your personal style and turn your ordinary apartment into something special.

Make a Plan

Survey your space before you move in with an eye on decorator flourishes. Seek out features that make your apartment unique and find ways to highlight them. Is there a fireplace, sunny breakfast nook or built-in bookshelves? Do you prefer modern minimalist or cozy traditional style? Going in with a vision will help tie your rooms together for a finished, professional look.

Get Organized

Living in a small space can make it easy to fall prey to clutter. You’ll have better luck staying organized if you start out that way. Use two or three inexpensive 30-inch bookcases fitted together to make a simple and eye-catching storage space. Fill the shelves with fabric bins or colorfully printed cardboard boxes to store magazines and paperwork out of sight. Display framed photographs or knickknacks on top.

Bring Nature Indoors

Potted plants and trees add freshness and color to any room, and because they improve indoor air quality, they’re good for you, too. A bouquet of wildflowers or bowl of fresh fruit makes a charming centerpiece. Container gardens and climbing vines can transform a boring balcony into a private oasis. If you have an artistic streak, convert ordinary terra cotta pots into one-of-a-kind creations with paint and craft stones or gems.

Let the Light Shine In

Opening the blinds and filling the rooms with natural light is the easiest and most inexpensive way to brighten your interiors. Install collapsible rods inside window frames to hang café curtains or a valance without damaging the walls. Easy-release adhesive hooks and sheer scarves create a quick and sunny window treatment over sliding glass or patio doors. Displaying a mirror opposite a window instantly adds light and depth to smaller rooms.

Say Hello to Color

Your apartment may have plain white walls, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add pizzazz with colorful, carefully selected accents. Choose a single primary shade and use it in various tints throughout the rooms to tie them together, or pick several coordinating colors and make each room a little bit different while preserving a cohesive look. Bath and kitchen towels, rugs, decorative pillows, fabric throws, removable wall appliques, candles and even used books with bright leather covers are all inexpensive ways to add a hint of color in any room.