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American Integrity

Renters Insurance Coverage
For an average monthly premium of $16*, you can protect your possessions and more.
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Renters Insurance

*Premium based on national average. Actual premium will vary based on amount of insurance purchased, where you live and other factors.

Discounts and Savings

Did you know that you could save on your renters insurance policy if you also have an auto policy with Allstate? Contact Lia Insurance Group to quickly discuss discounts and savings over the phone at (800) 500-6303. Or contact by email.

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Roadside Assistance
Insurance Tips for Renters
If you rent, you need Renters Insurance. Don't take our word for it, see what these experts have to say about the subject. It costs pennies a day and can save you a bundle.
 How Much Renters Insurance Do I Need?
 Renters Insurance - What to Consider
 Eight Scenarios for Renters
Advice and Articles  
Insurance coverage can be be tricky to understand. These tips make understanding your policies and minimzing your risks a litte easier.
 Tips for New Homeowners
 Does Your Home Insurance Cover Water Damage?
 Conducting a Home Inventory