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How You Can Improve Your Credit Score

The first thing to remember is your credit score can vary from month to month even day to day, sometimes. This is because it is calculated based on the credit data available in your file at the credit bureau on the day the score is requested by yourself or a lender.

But there are some specific ways to improve your credit score. Improvement factors can be categorized in these five areas, which are listed in order of importance:

  • Payment history. Payment information on credit cards, installment loans (such as a car loan), mortgage loans or finance company accounts. Are there public record items, such as judgments or bankruptcy, and collection items? Details on late or missed payments, including how much you owed, how late the payments were and how recently they occurred.

  • Outstanding debt. Amount owed on all accounts and on different types of accounts, such as credit cards or installment loans. How many accounts have balances? How close are you to each credit limit?

  • Credit history. How long have you been building a credit history? How long specific accounts have been established and how long since you used each account?

  • Pursuit of new credit. How many inquiries and new accounts does your report show, and how recent are they? How long has it been since the most recent inquiry? Whether you have made on-time payments to re-build your credit after a period of frequent late payments.

  • Types of credit in use. How many accounts are reported for bank cards, travel and entertainment cards, department store cards, installment loans, and so on.

The Personal Credit Score takes the guesswork out of trying to raise your credit score. It not only allows you to see the same kind of score lenders use when deciding whether or not to give you that loan, but it also is customized to identify what items on your credit report are influencing your credit score. So, find out how to start improving your score right away by ordering your Personal Credit Score today.