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We measure our success based on the satisfaction of our clients. The following sampling of testimonials confirm that our Rental Specialists are the best in the industry!  The list is long, but it is worth the time to understand why our service really is different!

I was very pleased to having the help of Lisa Persan when it came to looking for an apartment that was perfect for my budget. She was very professional and communicative. I was also surprised on how quick and easy she made the whole process which I was very happy with. I highly recommend contacting Apartment Hunters and if you do ask for Lisa!
Jason P. 8/14/20 Orlando

What can I say about Debra from apartmenthunters.com that will make you utilize this service? Would it be her professionalism, quick response time or go get it attitude? Would it be her tact, willingness to help a stranger or her kind way? These reasons and so many more are why you should utilize this service. I am not one who is easily impressed - I work in the legal field and there is always caveat to something so good. You will NOT find that here! This service is bone fide, reputable, honest, reliable and amazing. I will be referring people to this service, I would sign an affidavit testimonial as to my experience if requested to. NO HOG WASH HERE! Debra was amazing, professional, patient and kind. Please do yourself a favor and use this service! I promise you will not be disappointed. Debra is genuinely good people.
E. Caccamo 8/12/20 Orlando

I worked with Lisa at apartments hunters and she helped find my family and I place within weeks after I had been trying for months. She kept me up to date and was very transparent with me. Thank you Lisa for all your help.
Kaila J. 8/11/20 Orlando

Patrick is my contact at Apartment Hunters and he has been the most helpful and knowledgeable through my apartment hunting process. He has been extremely patient and has provided me with several options as well as followed up with me to make sure the process has gone smoothly. I would highly recommend you ask for him to help you through your apartment process. I have now recommended him to all of my family and friends that are looking for apartments.
Ingrid L. 8/10/20 Tampa

Samantha was a huge help in finding my apartment in Tampa. I was so overwhelmed with looking for 2 months. One call later, I had a whole list of places within my budget and had everything I wanted in an apartment. I highly recommend them. And Samantha was great!
Becky B 8/9/20 Tampa

I was recommended Apartment Hunters through Moffitt when I was moving to Tampa. Samantha was super helpful, especially considering I was moving across the country and was overwhelmed with other things. She quickly found a bunch of places that were in the monthly rent range I was comfortable paying, and any questions I had she was able to help with. I would highly recommend talking with them if you have no idea where to begin with finding a new place.
Alex S. 8/2/20 Tampa

I worked with Debra to help me find an apartment and she was extremely helpful, responded to every text promptly and I think she actually knew better what I wanted than I did. She was able to steer me to what I thought I wanted, and then immediately to what she knew I wanted, and I obviously wanted as well. I would work with her again in a heartbeat and would recommend her highly.
Laura M. 8/3/20 Orlando

Vanessa was great. Found one listing for us with some tough requirements. Would definitely recommend.
Scott Hammer 6/15/20 Tampa

Eric Pote was incredibly helpful. We needed somewhere to lay our heads after damage to our home. Eric did in one day what the other agency we were working with couldn’t accomplish in three weeks! Eric helped us find a great place that perfectly met our needs. Thank you!
Jessica K. March 2020 Clearwater

Eric Pote was very helpful and kept us informed. I would highly recommend him, he got us exactly what we wanted in days. It would have taken me weeks to do the same search on my own.
Shea M. March 2020 Clearwater

I submitted an online inquiry and got immediate response via phone and email. I spoke with a wonderful lady named Debra who was kind, professional, and thorough. She called me back when she said she would and was extremely helpful.
Lauren S. Jan 2020 Orlando

This is the second time I have used this service! Betty found the right size, location and price that I needed in a timely manner. Thank you Vanessa for the follow up.
Alexis M. Jan 2020 Tampa

I was looking for a place at that moment, “Today “ October 4, and needed a price within my budget, at this time most places was full. Went into Apartments Hunters and Latashia immediately found me the perfect apartment. Awesome agent. Thank Latashia
Georgia H. October 2019 Gainesville

I was looking for a place at the right price that would accept my large dog, and I needed it at a specific time, a time when most places were full. I was able to find a place through apartment hunters and secure it within 24 hours. I had spent several hours running around town to different offices before going them. Making them my first stop would have made the day less stressful. And never forget their wonderful service is free! Definitely worth checking out if you need to find a place to live.
Ruth R. September 2019 Gainesville

Just want to express how much Cat Stork was able to help me and my roommate find an apartment after already visiting most apartment complexes. I lived over on the east side and had to travel back and forth for the search until I walked into Apartment Hunters and quickly found an apartment. She was able to reach out to one that slipped through my search. Cat spoke with a very nice agent and recommended me and I finally found one! She is professional, informative, and she also follow up with you on your search! Thank you again!
Jamarius C. August 2019 Orlando

Sandra at Apartment Hunters provided excellent service. Starting with my first call, she listened carefully to what I desired, and immediately listed 5 options on my account to consider. Her courteousness, friendliness and diligence made it a pleasure to work with her. She never tired of fine-tuning her search criteria whenever I altered or added to my preferences. I highly recommend her and Apartment Hunters to those searching for an apartment.

I just wanted to take a moment of your time and tell you that I have had a great experience in my second move with Patrick. A few years ago he helped me find a home at Carrollwood Station and I was highly satisfied with my stay there. This year, he helped me find residency at Sabal Palms and his excellent service has not wavered. If you have any "kudos" rewards or programs to offer Patrick, please do so on my behalf. He is a great asset to Apartment Hunters. Should I need the services again, I will definitely reach out to him.

From your tips and suggestions to all your support and guidance - your input and earnest efforts are sincerely appreciated. It's amazing how from just speaking to us for a total of 2-3 hours prior to our visit, you knew exactly what we were looking for. Once again, thank you for all your hard work and it was a pleasure meeting you! We will be sure to recommend Apartment Hunters to future residents moving to Tampa area at our respective programs.

Good morning, Happy Thanksgiving! Today I gave thanks to you for assistance and dedication towards helping me make one step closer to my goal. I appreciate it!
Once again I say thanks! I will keep you updated.

Thank you so much for helping me find my apartment. I came in a little while ago and you sent me to get approved the same day and am all moved in. You guys are awesome. :)

I worked with Eva. She was better than excellent. I was planning a move from a different state and she went above and beyond to ensure that I lived close to my new job. She even went to take pictures since I could not physically visit the different places. She was very accessible and very attentive to my needs. She was extremely patient and quite pro-active. I trusted her advice and insight and I leased the apartment without seeing it. A little scary but it ended up to be exactly what she described. I now live in a wonderful community and a beautiful apartment in the New Tampa area. I've only been here 2 weeks but so far so good!!!! Thanks again Eva! -Carmen

You have been the best realtor I have ever had to deal with! You were considerate, punctual, and made me feel like a person as opposed to a paycheck. I am so happy you helped us to get our perfect new home! If we ever were ready to move again, you'll be the first person I call.

This could not have happened without your help. I would recommend this service to anyone looking, it makes the search so much easier and quicker.
Thank you very much

My experience with Ellie from Apartment Hunters was wonderful and I am very grateful with her. The process was very easy. I just created a profile in the Apartment Hunters webpage, and a couple days later Ellie called me. I was still in Philadelphia and we spoke about what I was looking for. After we spoke she sent me a list of apartments she recommends to me based on what I told her. I chose my favorites and when I get to Orlando, she was waiting for me ready to help me. She started calling each one of my favorites to check availability, prices, move-in fees, etc� At the end, she gave me a small book with all the information of the ones that I liked and were available. During the next day I visited the ones on my book and that same day I leased an apartment. It was so quick and easy to find a place to live! But definitely it was because I got the help from Ellie at Apartment Hunters! And the best of all� it was FREE!!! Thank you Ellie!!!

They knew me by name even before I told them who I was. They had said that you had already called them before I had even arrived. This has really been first class service that I was not expecting. The gentleman who I worked with was Justin and answered everything and could not have been any nicer to me. Now I am just waiting on a phone call to see if they approved my application or not. I really want to know. -Brandon

It was such a pleasure meeting all you ladies. You really know how to make a mother feel very comfortable. This move is huge for Dylan not only several hours away from home but the not knowing anything around him. But it want take him long hopefully he will have it down pat.
Liz, i wanted to thank you for taken the quality time to show us the apartment and explaining what all needed to take place. And, please look after my son and know I'm just a phone call away. I needed to let you know that debra at apartment hunters is who referred us to your pendleton also, I look forward to talking to you in the future.
Sharon, I wanted to thank you for taking time with us when we came in. You was very helpful also. I looking forward to seeing you in the future.
Debra, thank you so much for your time you were very helpful. Dylan just loved you and is so thankful you were so informational. Dylan is very funny with strangers so you are very special. It was so sweet at the end him hugging you.
Thanks to all you from the bottom of my heart!

I was referred to Apartment Hunters in September, 2012, by a leasing agent in the Orlando, Florida area. I had all but exhausted any options on my own to secure an apartment home with the amenities I required. I contacted the office and was immediately contacted by your rental specialist, Leslie. She was personable, proactive, professional, and engaging with me. Leslie proceeded to set up timely appointments with area leasing offices. Her enthusiasm and confidence was communicated to me throughout the process. Upon further follow-up at your office @ Town Center Blvd., Orlando, I also had the pleasure of meeting Wanda and Edrick, while working with Leslie. Their knowledge of available properties relevant to my criteria resulted in my finding an apartment home which I plan to enjoy for many years to come. I will do my part, as a satisfied customer, to tell everyone I meet to contact Apartment Hunters for royal treatment through their housing transition. Thank you for this opportunity to detail my positive experience.
Very Truly Yours,

Ty, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I just got an appartment... I can not begin to tell you how much your effort and Kris's have given me a new chance at life. I was so afraid I would end up homeless by the end of the month. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are truly a life saver!Have a wonderful day. I will follow up with you on Friday, MY MOVE IN DAY!! :-)-Karly September 24, 2012

Hello Cat The apartment hunt went fine.. I'm surprised actually. Jareem and I...will be moving in on October 15.Thank you for all your help.. I have to admit I thought we were going to be pressured into some sort of commitment using your business for help but boy was I wrong... Once again thank you for you help and patience.. Your definately a great asset for the business.Sincerely Jareem and Elizabeth August 24, 2012

Hi Debby!  I am happy to report that I have signed my lease and moved into my new apartment...  Finding the right apartment was an important task for which I had little time or know-how.  Your personal assistance and the aid of your website were very helpful and are much appreciated.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  All the best Thomas July 10, 2012

As neither my wife nor I had been looking for an apartment for decades, and as we were not familiar with the Tampa residential and suburb area, we were very unsure about the search process. Nicole had been in school housing for four years so this was her first real experience. We were pleasantly surprised at being able to find a number of properties that met our criteria and to navigate to them in an orderly manner. We were doubly surprised to be able to make a decision in less than a day including lunch. Thanks for your help making this a painless experience. Our friends and neighbors could not believe we did this so quickly. We will be happy to refer you and Apartment Hunters. Vin July 9, 2012

Thank you so very much Miki!!!! I actually made it... about 10 minutes after you gave me the heads up to go there. They were sooooo nice and accomodating. ...was FABULOUS!!!! I told them all that you sent me and wrote you on my application. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. God has a plan and let's hope this place is in it! I will definitely keep you updated. You were a God-sent ! I am so glad that you were able to help and will be getting on the apartment hunter's website tonight! Vicki June 29th, 2012

Thank you so much for your help with my apartment search. I really appreciate all your work and personalized advice. You made my trip much more efficient, especially considering the setback I experienced with the flat tire. I have decided to live at Pine Harbour apartments on Bloomfield Road. I feel it is a much better area, the apartments are very nice, and the staff has been great. Although I am spending more on rent than I was hoping, I appreciate your honest and straightforward help that led me to an apartment complex I am pleased with. Thanks again! Brennan Smartis Wednesday, June 06, 2012

What an AWESOME service! With so many apartment to choose from, I was completely overwhelmed! Amy made it SOOO much easier by narrowing down my search. I got a GREAT deal on a great apartment and it was super simple! Jamie October 6, 2011 Great Service! Make sure you work with Amy. She is so knowledgeable about all properties in Pinellas and Hillsborough. She helped us narrow our search so quickly to a ten minute phone call where it would have taken us days or weeks to figure out where to go. We have large mix breed dog that most places won't take. Instead of spending days on the phone she quickly pointed me in the right direction to a community that would take our dog and had a floorplan that was perfect for our family when we needed to move. I will NEVER look for an apartment on my own again... it seems crazy to look on your own when you can use a FREE service to narrow down the choices based on what you are looking for. Thanks so much Amy! :) :) :) MW September 30, 2011

I've had the pleasure to work with Amy at Apartment Hunters twice and both times were exceptional! She went above and beyond for me and did all of the "leg work" in apartment searching. Her professionalism is top rate! Thanks Amy!   Kristen  September 23, 2011

I just wanted to give recognition to Alana in the Tampa, FL Apartment Hunters office.  I cannot thank her enough for finding my home!  She exemplifies EXACTLY what good customer service is! She sent me exactly what I wanted, gave me so much more information about specific apartments before I even went to the community, and she seemed to really care about my needs.  Alana sent me multiple e-mails when my preferences changed about what I was looking for (price range, area, etc.). She gave me her personal cell phone- as if she was on-call for me whenever I may have needed her!  At the last minute I called her, told her I was in the area, and within 5 minutes she sent me a list of apartments with exact pricing of each apartment (she obviously picked up the phone right away to call each apartment and find out availability/pricing). Not familiar withthTampa, FL area I had gone back and forth multiple times regarding what I was looking for.  Alana was so patient with me and listened to me babble about what I liked/didn't like while maintaining her professionalism and courteousness...... Ashley J.  Tallahassee, FL - February 2, 2011

Apartment Hunters ( Suzie),  We put your name on the guest card and the application.  Is there anything else we need to do to make sure your efforts are recognized?  Seriously - thank you so much.  This was honestly the most stress-free process and you gave us EXACTLY  what we wanted.  We're so thankful.  Last year I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown hunting for apartments and this year it took us TWO DAYS to find a place!! I can't thank you enough! June 2010

Hi Apartment Hunters (Sherry), Paul fell in love the the apartments.  We are going forward with the lease on a one bedroom apartment.  We gave your name as a referral.  I don't think we would have found that place without you.  Thanks very much ! I really appreciate all your work and persistence.  You have excellent instincts about what people are looking for !  Thanks again !  Judy B. - May  2010

Good Morning Apartment Hunters (Debra), I want to apologize for not calling you when I arrived in Orlando.  I have been so busy with everything.  Thank you so much for making my move complete.  I love the apartment, and the staff here have made me feel at home.  You and my daughter made a great choice.  I will be grateful for all your hard work and efforts in making this happen for us.  Take care Sandra M. - February 2010

Bethany, Again I want to say how much I appreciate your help finding an apartment for my daughter Kate.  I wish I had known about your service before I wasted so much of my personal time searching.  I will keep this service handy and if the day comes I find anyone else I know relocating to the Orlando area I will give them your name and number.  Who knows, maybe one day my wife and I will need your services for our own relocation.  Thank you again!  Larry D.  -  Herminie, PA,, January 2010

Hi Apartment Hunters (Tracey), I did find an apartment at ___________, actually things worked out quite well considering.  My old apartment rent was $770 monthly and ______is $649 that is $120 less a month.  My required deposit went from $1070 to $50.  I couldn't be happier.............. This was one of the apartments you recommended and thankyou so much for your help.  I will forever recommend ApartmentHunters.com over anyone else.  Thankyou again. Jim S. Orlando, November 2009

Hi Vinnie,  I would like to say a big thanks for the outstanding help that you provided for my husband and I.  You gave us a lot of possibilities, searched for the best specials.  In other words: Terrific.  Once again THANKS.  Katia V.   Tampa, October 2009

Hi Robby, just wanted to give you the scoop.  I looked at tons of properties yesterday and today... And I have decided to still go with YOUR prop at the ___________. No one could match them on space and price.......Your service was excellent.  I would recommend Apartment Hunters and you specifically to everyone I know!  Thanks!  Sue H. Clearwater, October 2009

Chase and I want to say thank you for all of your help.  You have exceeded our expectations and taken such good care of us.   Have lunch on us....This is not a payment, it is a blessing passed on to you for your compassionate care of a nervous Mom.   We feel good about our choice at ______.  Thanks again for doing such a wonderful job.   Lisa and Chase S.  Orlando, January 2009

I am writing to you to let you know how wonderfully pleased I have been with Sherry's help.  In addition to being very timely and willing to go above and beyond normal expectations, Sherry has been delightful throughout - always positive and cheerful in her emails and proactive about making sure that I find exactly what I need................ Thank you to Sherry and apartmenthunters.com for making my housing search incredibly painless for two years in a row.  I know exactly where I will be going the next time I need an apartment.     Alan S.  Orlando, December 2008

Hey there!  I would just like to THANK YOU A MILLION for helping me gt the apartment I wanted!!  I actually went to _________ after work and they gave me the best deal ever and I would just like to say I SIGNED the lease for an apt. in August.  I'm so so so excited and I cant wait to move in and I owe it all to you!!!  Celia L.  Orlando, June 2008

I wanted to make y'all aware that I signed a lease yesterday with one of the communities you recomended.  I also wanted to thank you guys for being so helpful.  I came into town the other day thinking I might end up on a park bench in the fall and less than three hours after I left your office I was already planning how I'd decorate my apartment in ________. 

Thanks for making my apartment search a positive experience.  I've already bragged about you to friends and I look forward to working with y'all in the future.

Kelley C.  Gainesville, May 2008


I really appreciated all your help!  This was the easiest time I ever had with finding an apartment.  The very first apartment I looked at was the one I took.  I don't think it would have been nearly this easy if I was doing it alone.  The time, energy, and money I saved on gas was huge....I'll recommend you anytime!   Thank you!

Gabriella L.  Tampa, April 2008


I just wanted to let you know that I found my ideal apartment in Florida and it's all thanks to you.  I visited_______ yesterday and found an apartment with a bay view at a smoking deal.  I really appreciate your help with my search...

John B.  Tampa, April 2008


I really want to thank you for all of your help.  I think the system you have is an excellent way for students to find apartments they wouldn't otherwise know about.

Rachael D.  Gainesville, January 2008


Once again I want to thank you for the time you spent with me.  The information you gave me and the calls you made; It made it so easy for me to get my apartment.  I had spent a month looking and you found my place in less than a hour.

Please pass this message on to your supervisors.  I want them to know how much you helped me today.  Anyone that talks about moving is going to here about you and Apartment Hunters.

Dennis D.  Tampa, November 2007


Again, we cannot thank you enough for your responsiveness and efficiency in helping us find the right place which made our relocation go so much smoother.  I will be starting my new job on Monday and will definitely let the HR staff know about your wonderful services.

Sue and Joe R.  Tampa, October 2007


I wanted to thank you again for helping my parents and I that weekend. You made the whole apartment-hunting adventure really enjoyable.

Matt N. Casselberry, August 2007


I just want to thank you for all of your assistance in helping us find a nice place to live in the Tampa area.

Please pass this on to your supervisor, as I would like them to be aware of how much we appreciate how you went above and beyond expectations and made our long distance search an easier, much less stressful exercise than it might have been�.Chris did a great job for us, and I can�t tell you how much we appreciate his efforts.

Margaret M.  Tampa , July 2007


I would like to let whoever receives this letter to know that your employee, Shirley T., is an incredible asset to your company.  Shirley has patiently spent many hours and used her valuable people skills to not only find a residence for me in Orlando , but did so only by phone for over a month!!  She even spoke on various occasions to my father to reassure him that she would make sure that the apartment I lived in would be affordable, and have everything I needed.  I am beyond happy about my future residence at �

Alexandra L.  Orlando , May 2007


Thanks again for your assistance in finding a place to live in the Tampa area.  Your service is so helpful in narrowing the apartment search to areas of interest.  Within 2 days I managed to find a great place to live at � Anyway, thanks again.  I will have only good things to say about Apartment Hunters to anyone I know moving to the area.

Beverly N.  Tampa , April 2007


I�m going this Saturday to look at your listings.  Thanks again for your help!  You are so helpful.  Thanks so much for your awesome service!

Tracy M. Tampa, May 2007


Thank you so much for all of your hard work!  I am very impressed with _______ Apts. And I am scheduled to move in this Friday�. Again, thank you for coming to my rescue, during a tough and very frustrating time! Andrea J.  Largo , December 2006


I would like to thank you and your wonderful staff for the very outstanding and professional work that was done concerning my account with apartment hunters.

Robert W.  Tampa , September 2006

My Rental Specialist was wonderful!  They were fast and precise in getting on the phones and finding me an apartment.  That afternoon I was accepted into one of the apartments.  When I got back home I received a phone call wanting to know how everything went.  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help!
T.S., Orlando, November 2005

Simply put, my Rental Specialist was awesome.  My experience was second to none.
C.K., Tampa, November 2005

I was only in the area for one day.  I would have never found the apartment I love without your help!!  Thank you!
N.B., Orlando, October 2005

Apartment Hunters has made my transition to Florida smooth and with less worry.
K.H., Orlando, October 2005

What an absolutely fantastic experience it was to deal with you.  My Rental Specialist was extremely knowledgeable on the area.  I can not say enough about my Rental Specialist and their ability.
M.R., Tampa, October 2005

I can't tell you how much I appreciate how much you did for me.  Thanks to you, I have the perfect apartment in the perfect location!  You really listened to my needs and tailored your search for a perfect match!
D.W., Orlando, October 2005

The property the apartment is on is beautiful, the apartment is roomy and to sum it up, it's perfect.  You're the best!  I've been telling everyone I know about how helpful you've been.  Thanks for everything!
A.R., Tampa, September 2005

I just wanted to say you are the bomb.  I am recommending you to my congregation and office mates once I relocate.
E.D., Tampa, September 2005

Thank you so much for all of your help.  I now have a new place to call home!!!  Never would I have imagined that my children would each have a bedroom and at a rate that I could afford.  You have made us all eternally grateful that we have been given the opportunity to receive such an amazing new apartment.  I have in the past and will continue to recommend your service to others.
J.J., Orlando, September 2005

You are amazing!  We are so impressed with your work and dedication.  The information you send is incredibly helpful.
J.B., Tampa, August 2005

After visiting your office I must tell you my search went from frustrating to hopeful.  I want to send a sincere thank you to your whole organization and to the two Rental Specialists in particular.  Your incredible service really made my life much easier.  I would also like to tell you that I will be passing on your name to my HR Manager.  When others transfer I think your number is the first thing they should receive.
S.M., Orlando, August 2005

My move was unexpected and I needed assisstance right away.  I went on-line and found Apartment Hunters.  You were my second source of information.  My first source did not seem to care as much as you.  I was able to view many of the apartments that my Rental Specialist e-mailed me prior to my visit and know which ones I was interested in following up with during my visit.
L.G., Tampa, August 2005

Great service.  My Rental Specialist was very responsive and thorough.  I was very pleased with her ability to selectively guide me toward properties that fit all of my criteria and do so very quickly.  I was very impressed.
B.K., Tampa, August 2005

I have nothing but positive feedback when it comes to you guys.  My Rental Specialist was great and she gave me and my roommate everything we could ask for.  This is the second time I have used your service.
R.S., Gainesville, August 2005

I just wanted to express my gratitude for helping me to find our new home.  You tried so hard and even if my situation was a challenge you never gave up on me.  You did an awesome job!
R.E., Orlando, August 2005

My Rental Specialist was extremely helpful and informative, as well as courteous and fun to work with!  I will definetely refer your service to anyone interested in finding an apartment.
S.B., Tampa, August 2005

My Rental Specialist was super!  She was very helpful, kind and friendly,  The information and the properties that she showed us were excellent.  We will recommend your service to others.
S.S., Tampa, August 2005

My Rental Specialist was able to not only find me a suitable apartment to my liking, but her keen professionalism and commitment to aid my search was in fact time saving and extremely invaluable.  My experience with Apartment Hunters was great.  I would not hesitiate to recommend Apartment Hunters.
H.S., Orlando, July 2005

The services you provided were extremely helpful in finding an affordable place to live.  My Rental Specialist was very friendly and eager to answer any questions I had.  She offered advice regarding the situation I was in with my roommate as well.  Everything about my experience with Apartment Hunters was great.
S.P., Orlando, July 2005

Thank you so much for your help with finding an apartment for our son!!!  And for being nice to the out-of-towners!  Thank you for really listening to what we needed and for suggesting a property that went well beyond our expectations!!!.
M.M., Gainesville, July 2005

I appreciated your great help and the large number of apartments available on your website, which was a massive help considering we were shopping from 1,000 miles away!  If it had not been for Apartment Hunters we would not be able to have a home ready and waiting for us when we arrive in Florida.  Our situation has been greatly simplified with your help.  I can't thank you enough!
S.K., Gainesville, June 2005